Our Values

Torrent and its team members are inspired by a set of values that support a commitment to excellence in customer service and in all relationships, and which cultivate an engaging and dynamic company culture.

Our Customers are our Priority

We believe that we have to earn our customer’s business and loyalty every single day and take nothing for granted. We recognize that they are the reason we are here and treat them with the utmost respect and priority. We strive for perfection and always look to exceed our customer’s expectations. We take accountability if our customers are not 100% satisfied and we never make excuses. We operate with complete transparency with our customers and seek to build strong relationships with them based on trust and performance. We never forget that without our customers, Torrent would not exist.

Respect for People

We value each person’s intrinsic worth and uniqueness. We acknowledge everyone’s contribution and honor their opinions. Our work environment is transparent, honest, supportive, demanding and fulfilling. We focus on our colleague’s strengths, encouraging each other and working closely to overcome adversity together as one team. Our company is built on trust.

Responsibility for Actions and Results

We keep promises and the commitments we’ve made. Each person is empowered to make the organization succeed and is 100% accountable for their actions. We challenge the status quo, promote continuous improvement, take responsibility as the innovator of our industry and we reward excellence. We lead by example and from the front and do not avoid difficult decisions or conversations. We invest in our people, technology and operations for future growth and profit. We do everything in our power to meet our commitments to the stakeholders of our company (customers, employees, investors, partners and vendors). We all operate with an ownership mentality.

Relationship with Each Other

Our success is built on quality relationships, starting with each other. We communicate openly and truthfully with each other in a timely manner. We encourage constructive feedback and are committed to supporting each other. We are helpful, compassionate and treat others the way we would like to be treated. We do not gossip about one another, but lift each other up and protect one another. We work closely together with integrity and although most of our clients are outside of the area, we support our local community, friends and families. We value the importance of quality relationships and recognize that people are what make Torrent successful.

If these values resonate with you, consider joining the Torrent Team.
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