July 18 / Press Release

Torrent Technologies, Inc. Launches SeaDawg Innovations: Extends Flood Insurance Systems Innovation Expertise to Clients & Additional Markets.

Torrent Technologies, the second largest platform and service provider in the flood insurance industry, continues its phenomenal decade of growth with the addition of new technology consulting services. At the 2014 NFIP Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, Torrent Technologies, Inc. (Torrent) officially announced the introduction of SeaDawg Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. SeaDawg Innovations leverages both the proprietary TorrentFlood® software platform as well as the highly skilled pool of IT resources to provide clients with strategic consulting and planning, custom platform interfaces and software development. These services are offered to current Torrent clients and partners as well as to other companies in the financial services arena that are seeking more contemporary technology solutions to advance their business initiatives. SeaDawg is powered by many of the same team members who developed Torrent’s industry-leading platform, TorrentFlood®.

The SeaDawg team of savvy system architects and engineers is headed by Blake Stout who joined Torrent in 2006, and has taken the Torrent technology platform from its initial design, to its current position as the undisputed leader in providing innovative technology solutions to the flood insurance industry. Stout has more than 20 years of expertise designing and implementing information technology solutions, including a decade of NFIP experience.

“The capacity to develop and deploy the most modern technology possible is how leaders are conquering their domains, and succeeding,” said Stout. “This play-to-win strategy has been Torrent’s approach from the start, and SeaDawg is all about helping its clients adapt, survive and thrive. We guide companies in strategically optimizing technology to meet vital marketplace demands. The results include enhanced productivity, dynamic and fresh applications, increased security, less dependence on outdated legacy and mainframe systems, and ultimately greater profit for our clients. SeaDawg is really a “special teams” IT unit for its clients and other financial service companies, many of whom are desperate for malleable technology solutions that can we delivered quickly and effectively.”

In just a decade, Torrent has established itself as a leader in the realm of virtualization and cloud computing. In this same vein, SeaDawg works with
its clients to innovate solutions built with today’s technology and readily adaptable to the future. They specialize in systems that are primarily focused on being 100% web-based, cloud-based, real-time, as well as applications for today’s vast array of mobile devices.

SeaDawg’s range of services include: Legacy/Modernization Strategies and Implementation, Cloud-based Insurance Software Services, Software Development and Consulting, Catastrophe Planning, Application/Site Security, System Engineering, GIS visualization Solutions, Mobile Application Development, and Consumer Direct Solutions.

For more information on SeaDawg Innovations, visit www.seadawg.com