Southern Farm Bureau® Casualty Insurance Company

With a long history of serving over 80,000 Farm Bureau® Member flood policy holders, Southern Farm Bureau® Casualty Company has been a WYO company since 1986.

The organization has always taken pride in providing world class customer service to its Farm Bureau® members. Southern Farm used in-house systems for flood processing and claims administration, prior to its transition to Torrent in December, 2012.

Farm Bureau Insurance

The Challenge

Southern Farm's original methods for processing flood policies and managing claims were complex and labor-intensive. They included a mainframe, workflow system, storage and retrieval system for documents, web-based quoting process, check-issuing system for claims and refunds, and numerous databases for tracking and reporting. The IT personnel who maintained their internal flood systems were part of a shared services group, and thus not dedicated to flood, so realizing enhancements to the flood systems posed a major challenge.

Additionally, key claims and underwriting specialists had to take time away from primary duties to address system issues with IT personnel and conduct testing of system changes, which interfered with Southern Farm's core competency functions of servicing policies and managing claims. These limitations of systems and the inefficiencies in workflow led to much frustration on the part of agents as well as claim personnel, who were tasked with the very important jobs of selling the flood policies and settling the flood claims, respectively.

The Torrent Solution

Southern Farm desperately needed a level of technology that allowed for efficiencies in automation and operations, while helping them grow their flood business – and without adding significant expense. The company dramatically improved its service capabilities on several fronts. Now, Southern Farm's claims and underwriting experts are 100% dedicated to helping the company's agents and claims personnel, which has had a very positive impact on service to Farm Bureau® members, as well as assuring optimum compliance with FEMA rules and regulations. The timely enhancements to the TorrentFlood® system have allowed Southern Farm to re-task IT and accounting support personnel to other projects and responsibilities, resulting in more staffing resources available, and a greater overall value to the company.

Transitioning to Torrent has totally transformed Southern Farm's flood insurance program. They achieved their stated goals: improvement to processes, and faster issuance of policies and settlement of claims, staying true to their promise of great service to Farm Bureau® members.

Change is never easy, especially when you have been doing things the same way for over 25 years. The decision to partner with Torrent has taken our company to another level of service for our clients, and positioned us for the future to grow our flood business - without adding significant expense.

— Tracy B. Ladner, CPCU, Director, Flood/WYO Principal Coordinator / Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company


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