Increased flood business. Extraordinary ease of use. Exceptional customer service. Torrent clients say it best.

We were not satisfied with our previous flood vendor so in 2006 we reviewed several companies and chose Torrent. It was obvious that their technology was superior, but what also impressed us was the management style of the company, from the top down: extremely knowledgeable, yet personal and down-to-earth. As one of the most respected professionals in the flood industry, T.J. (Theresa Johnson) set a standard that all Torrent team members seem to rise to. Even with Torrent’s amazing growth in recent years, we have found that their business team consistently performs like a tight-knit family. They are absolutely committed to working together and communicating effectively to meet our needs and address any and all concerns.

Torrent supports every aspect of Imperial’s WYO success in writing flood. Torrent’s claims team does an extraordinary job, and they are always accessible and responsive even on complicated situations. Under Phil Wills, Torrent’s marketing and CE training programs are essential and highly effective in educating our agents. As a result, we’ve seen our flood business grow as hundreds of agents now write flood with Imperial, across a large and competitive tri-state southeastern US territory that includes Louisiana, Texas and Florida. In choosing Torrent, we clearly chose correctly.

— Noel Bunol, Flood Director / Imperial Casualty and Fire

We started using the flood program via Torrent and I love it. They are our only go-to flood provider. Your staff was prompt and very helpful. It’s one of the easiest programs I have ever used. Outstanding.

— Wayne / Wisconsin

We transitioned to Torrent Insurance Solutions in December 2012 and use the TorrentFlood® system to support our agency force, as well as our flood claims and underwriting staff. Using the TorrentFlood® system has vastly improved our agent’s ease of doing business and we have also achieved significant efficiencies in claims and underwriting because of the level of automation we now realize with TorrentFlood®. As a result, we issue flood policies faster and settle flood claims quicker, thereby considerably improving our service to our Farm Bureau members.

— Tracy B. Ladner, CPCU, Director, Flood/WYO Principal Coordinator
/ Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

I no longer resist writing flood because the Torrent staff are so helpful and friendly. They explain everything so I can understand it, and it makes my job of writing flood easy and enjoyable.

— Lindsey

Keeping up with NFIP regulatory changes from a system and procedural standpoint and providing outstanding service with limited staff were our biggest challenges. We chose to work with Torrent because of their continuous improvement model and their proactive, knowledgeable staff who keep us abreast of industry compliance and changes, as well as the company’s commitment to rapid response times and high levels of service.

Torrent is a true partner for carriers like us, helping us increase business and providing ease of use for our independent agents in a challenging and highly competitive Florida marketplace.

— Diane, WYO Flood Principal Coordinator

Quotes are always delivered in a timely manner. We appreciate doing business with Torrent!

— Bonnie / North Carolina

Torrent has helped us significantly increase service levels to our clients by providing real time information and immediate policy transactions. We work with hundreds of agents who can now write flood with confidence and ease. Torrent’s system reliability and robust performance ensures our clients are serviced to the highest levels possible, which is essential to retaining and growing our business.

Torrent is much more than an integrated insurance solutions provider. The Torrent team members are clearly top-level insurance professionals, always responsive to our questions and needs. They are trusted partners keeping us abreast of FEMA policy changes and industry knowledge, and we truly value their expertise and commitment to help us be successful in the challenging landscape that is today’s flood market.

— Underwriting Manager / Property & Casualty Insurance Company serving US Mainland & Puerto Rico

You guys are awesome! The best flood company out there!

— Michelle / Florida

What sets Torrent apart for our agency is the real-time endorsement process. The ability to get a declaration page over to the title company closing is terrific. With companies that have a batch processing system, getting the declaration page issued is a two-step process, so the title company might get a declaration page the morning of the closing. However, if a change is then needed, it’s another overnight process and closing gets put off. Doing endorsements on the fly with Torrent just makes us more efficient.

— Eric / Florida

Torrent underwriters like Katie go above and beyond to get the best deal for our customers. Thank you!

— Judy / Florida

We wanted a product that would set us apart from the competition and make agents want to write their flood business with Gulfstream. The transition was smooth: Torrent was ready, willing and able to work with our IT Team to build an interface between our residential property platform and their flood platform so agents would not have to re-enter all of the basic policy information to get a flood quote. Torrent’s “intuitive compliance” makes it almost impossible for an agent to quote or issue a policy with incorrect rates, and agents can order flood zone determinations at the click of a button receiving an instantaneous response 95% of the time.

Torrent’s technology is clearly the most advanced and easiest to use in the industry, and we have not had to hire a single employee to support our flood program which generates significant income for our company. Torrent does all the work for us. Their customer service is also second to none: even members of their executive leadership team take a sincere interest in helping us be successful.

— Terri McCoy, AINS, API, CIIP, AVP Product & Underwriting / Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Joy at Torrent has really gone 'above and beyond' to help me with an important issue, and it is very much appreciated.

— Mariella / Florida

Payment on my client’s claim came within one week. I am truly impressed with the speed and service on this claim, and with all claims being handled. Great work.

— Brian / Florida