Top 10 Reasons to Choose Torrent

Inside Torrent’s superior and 100% web-based technology are features and functions that help agents and WYO companies succeed in writing flood insurance, like never before.



Exceptional Growth. Clients using TorrentFlood® have seen their flood books grow on average over 22%. Many of Torrent's clients have experienced triple-digit expansion, with increased retention rates.


Ease of Use. With Intuitive Compliance™, Torrent has automated all aspects of the complex flood insurance process, enabling agents to quickly write accurate flood policies, increase efficiency in serving clients, and to be more successful in growing revenue.


Fully Integrated Excess Flood Quotes. Torrent offers the industry's only integrated excess flood solution, fully automating the excess quote process, so quotes can be initiated rapidly and with fewer keystrokes.


Security & Control. The TorrentFlood® system controls user security based on roles and sets of permissions, giving each user the right access to the right data and functionality. These can be adjusted with ease, and at a client's discretion.


Instant Management Data Access. Online analytics viewed in a Torrent summary performance dashboard or in more than 20 optional reports can monitor agent performance, Torrent service levels, and other vital data – all instantly on the desktop or from any secure internet connection in the field.


Elevation Certificate Integration. Torrent's automation of this process makes acquisition of ECs easy and efficient for agents and applicants.


Flood Zone Map-It. Using Torrent's Map-It feature, agents can instantly view where all their policies lie in relation to flood zones, and show an applicant where their specific property is mapped.


Real-time Claims Firm Integration. Throughout the life-cycle of a claim, data passes in real-time to all stakeholders, significantly speeding the issuance of payments, eliminating human error from re-keying, and enhancing transparency. This allows agents to view and monitor claims data to provide timely status to their clients.


Consumer Direct. With Torrent's GetFlood® technology, consumers can optionally purchase insurance, in real time, on an insurance company's or agent's website, without the intervention of the agent or company. A GetFlood® site can quote and sell all policy types (not just PRPs) and allows the consumer access to their declaration page at any time.


Continual Improvement. Torrent employs agile software development methodology, allowing the delivery of system enhancements every 2-3 weeks, escaping the limitations of antiquated mainframe technology.

Plus: Highest FEMA Compliance. Flexible Capacity and Cost Structure. Unparalleled Service and Support. These are all great reasons to choose Torrent. We're standing by to share our expertise. Contact us. (877) 486-7736.

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